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Economy car rental

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Do you want to rent a small car? Are you looking for a cost-reduced car rental?

Our category of small cars is made for you! Ideal if you want to make short trips at lower costs, this small urban car like Smart or Renault Twingo will allow you to go anywhere. With its reduced size, your 2 or 4 seats car will be helpful to park and drive easily in town.

Save money with its fuel-efficient engine but without neglecting your comfort. In short, choose the Small category for renting a practical and economic vehicle!

Book an economy car from CarGo

Renting a car on-line is fast and easy with CarGo! Select a vehicle category and let us guide you. With a few clicks, hire a car with web exclusive price! You can also contact directly the CarGo location near you.

Need more space? See also our range of city cars for all your trips in urban areas. If you want more power, our category of compact cars will meet your highest expectations.