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This frequently asked questions is at your disposal to assist you throughout your vehicle reservation.
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What are the advantages of booking through the internet?

Booking on is simple, fast and intuitive. You also get great prices on the full range of vehicles and vans, 24h/24 and 7/7.

What are the steps of booking on-line?

On-line booking a car or utility vehicle with CarGo can be quickly realised in 5 steps from the home page or by clicking on the "Reservation & Prices" tab:

Step 1: Select your pick up city
You can find your local agency by entering your city name on the home page. The nearest locations appear automatically. Then select the one that suits you best in terms of its geographical location and its opening hours.

It is also possible to access a list of all our branches in the "Locations" tab or finding them on our map. You can select your own by clicking on "Book in this agency" or view all its details by clicking on "See Agency site".

Step 2: Choose your rental period
This is where you must specify the desired length of your lease. The openings of the selected agency affect the dates and times shown.

During this step, you can see the details, schedules, location of your agency. You also have the ability to calculate the number of kilometres of your journey.

Warning: The departure and the return take place in the same location.

Step 3: Choose your vehicle
You can choose between different types of cars or commercial vehicles available in the previously selected agency.

Some vehicles may appear with a grey tint on the website: they are unavailable in the agency you have selected. If it is this vehicle that suits you, click on the link under the proposed location where the suited vehicle is available.

The prices shown are the rental price per day and the total price for the period selected. These small prices are exclusive to on-line booking. They can’t be applied to bookings made directly in the CarGo rental agency.

Step 4: Select your options
This screen will allow you to choose your accessories, insurance, assistance, the number of additional drivers, or other options that may meet your needs.

If you have a promotional code, you can enter it at this step.

You can also leave a comment to your CarGo agency if you want to make a few clarifications to your booking.

Step 5: Authentication
You will need to enter your personal information to access to the payment part.

2 options are available:

  • Already customer: Just fill the email and password fields to connect. If you have lost your password, a link allows you to get it back by email.
  • Create a customer account: You fill in all the details needed to create a complete account. Creating your account on is free and has several advantages. Indeed, it allows you to have access to your client history and track all your reservations. You can also take advantage of special offers such as promotion codes. You can also connect through your Facebook profile, and save time by automatically filling out this form.

In the next step you have to read and confirm the general terms of rental and reservation.

Step 5 bis: Payment by credit card
Once your personal information is completed, a new window will appear allowing you to enter your credit card details and this in a secure manner.

By clicking the validation button, your reservation is taken into account, subject to acceptance of payment by your bank.

If the payment is accepted, a final screen informs you that your booking has been taken into account by your CarGo agency. The agency will contact you within 24 hours to finalize the reservation.

You can also pay via your PayPal account by clicking on the Paypal logo available on the payment page.

Once payment is confirmed, an email will be sent with a summary of your booking. You must print this mail and provide it to the agency the day of your departure.

Before your payment, you can always modify or reverse your reservation using the left sidebar or the breadcrumb below the tabs of the website

Is online payment secure?

Yes. Sending your personal and banking information is always encrypted over the network via SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Your information is protected through a secure system to prevent unauthorized third parties from intercepting or accessing the data, and to distort them or divert them to their advantage. Your credit card details are managed directly by the bank and the CarGo company does not keep them in memory.

Which payment methods are possible?

Payment is made by credit cards or through your PayPal account. However, credit cards Electron and Maestro are not accepted because they do not allow the creation of a banking footprint.

How do I know if my booking has been taken into account?

When you have completed the 5 reservation steps on and your payment has been accepted by the bank, a final screen indicates you that your booking has been taken into account. You can then return to the home page and browse the website. A confirmation email is sent to you a few minutes after your on-line payment with a summary of your booking. This mail is to print and provide the agency the day of departure.

What is the minimum rental period?

On the minimum rental period is a half-day (morning or afternoon). For other packages, one day is 24 hours. (In those 24 hours are included the time for picking up and returning the vehicle in agency).

You can benefit from a shorter period from an hour by requesting a quote of your CarGo local agency. This request can be made directly on the website through your agency’s personal page, or our reservation module.

What is the maximum rental period?

The maximum rental period is set to 14 days on the website. You can enjoy a longer rental period requesting a quote from your CarGo local agency. This request can be made directly on the website through your agency’s personal page, or our reservation module.

Why I can’t book a car for the day?

Online booking for the same day is not available on the website to avoid downtime of vehicles. However, you can directly contact your agency CarGo to know the availability of cars and book for the same day by phone.

Why do you ask me to contact the agency for a quote?

A warning message asking you to contact your agency for a quote can be sent to you. This mainly concerns the rental periods of more than 14 days, or a number of kilometres greater than 1000 km. These requests require a rate that best suits your needs.

What are the benefits of having a customer account?

Creating an account is free on It allows you to have access to your previous order and track your bookings. You can also enjoy special offers such as promotion codes with your account.

How do I edit my account?

Your account is available at the top right of any page of the site. Once identified via the "Login" button, a "My account" button appears in the top right. By clicking this button, you can access all your information. Once you make changes, do not forget to save them by clicking on the submit button at the bottom of the form.

How to recover my password?

If you are already a customer and you have lost your password, you can retrieve it by clicking on the "Login" button at the top right of any page of the site. Identification email and password fields will then appear as the "Forgotten password?" link. Click on it and fill in your email address. Your password will be sent instantly to it.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by clicking on the "Login" button at the top right of any page of the site. Once identified a "My Account" button appears in the top right. Clicking this button takes you to a page with all your information. Select "Change my password" tab and enter your new password. Do not forget to confirm to save the changes.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, it is first necessary to identify yourself via the "Login" tab at the top right of any page of the site. Once logged in, click on the "My Account" tab. In the “My Information” tab at the bottom of page, you can delete your account. To do this, first select the reason for removal and click the "delete my account" link. A final email will then be sent to confirm the deletion of your account.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you have a free right to access, rectify or withdraw your information.

How to find the nearest CarGo agency?

By clicking on the "Locations" tab on the main menu, you can locate your agency. Two options are available: either by using the interactive map and entering your city name in the field provided for this purpose, or by using the list of all our branches below the map. The main agencies have a dedicated which details their information, their specific products and services …

How do I contact my agency CarGo?

Select your agency in the "Reservation & prices" tab or "Locations" tab and the contact details will be available. You may contact the agency by phone, email or possibly by fax. You can also find these contacts and request a quote directly on the dedicated page of your agency.

How to record my favourite agency?

To save your favourite CarGo agency, it is first necessary to identify yourself via the "Login" tab at the top right of each page. Once logged in, click on the "My account" tab. Then select the "About me" tab and fill in the "Favourite agency" form field.

How to rent abroad?

CarGo has branches in Martinique , Reunion and Belgium. You can also rent a car in Portugal and around the world through our international partners. To do this, enter your departure city in step 1 of the booking and let yourself be guided by the website of our partners. You can also visit the "Location" page and choose the relevant country.

Why I can’t choose another agency for the return?

Each agency owns its vehicles. It is not possible to pick up the vehicle in an agency and return it in another agency. However, this service may be available in some agencies. We invite you to contact your agency to determine the conditions for the possible return in another agency.

What documents do I need to provide to the agency on the day of departure?

I am an individual:

  • My valid European driving license, or international driving license for drivers residing outside the European Community,
  • Proof of residence: gas, electricity or phone bill ...
  • A credit card in my name and surname (the Agency reserves the right to accept or reject payment by check). Warning: Electron and Maestro cards are not accepted.

I'm a professional:

  • The valid European driving license of the conductor(s) or international driving license for drivers residing outside the European Community,
  • A general authorization allowing the driver to rent a vehicle on behalf of the company if he is not the legal representative of the company,
  • A bank account details of the company,
  • An order signed by the legal representative of the company.

What is the minimum age and the minimum number of years driving experience allowed rent a vehicle?

21 years old and 3 years driving experience minimum are required to rent a vehicle at CarGo. However, the age and driving experience can vary by type of vehicle rented.

A young driver option can be available in some agencies. In this case, it is possible to rent a car with less than 21 years or less than 3 years driving experience.

Is there a young driver option?

Yes, however it is proposed only in some rental agencies. If the option is available for your agency, you can find it in the "Our options" section on its dedicated page or in the "More Options" section in step 4 of your booking. In this case, it is possible to rent a car with less than 21 years or less than 3 years driving experience.

For full details of this option, it is recommended that you contact the agency.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the vehicle?

You agree to comply with the Highway Code and act as a prudent driver.

You also agree that the vehicle is not used:

  • For paying passenger,
  • On non-roads,
  • In the context of competitions,
  • For illicit purposes,
  • For learning to drive.

When the vehicle is not used, you agree to hold it closed and locked, keeping the keys nearby. They shall never be left in the car.

Under no circumstances, you will sell, assign, mortgage or pledge this agreement, the vehicle, its equipment or machinery, or treat them in a manner as to prejudice the owner, under penalty of prosecution.

You agree to prevent the agency prior any use of the vehicle outside the French territory. The agency will give you a written consent to allow you to drive in other countries with the vehicle.

Can I extend my rental period?

Yes, it is possible to extend your rental period, subject to acceptance by your CarGo agency. Take care of warning the agency as early as possible. In fact, your vehicle could have already been rented to another client after your initial rental period.

Can I return the vehicle outside the opening hours of the agency?

Yes, you can drop off your vehicle in front of your CarGo agency outside opening hours, subject to approval by your agency. Warning: you remain fully responsible for the vehicle until the opening of the agency.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Any cancellation must be made to the CarGo agency by phone and confirmed by e-mail or fax, along with the booking confirmation. It will take effect on the date and time of receipt by the agency CarGo.

The agency will contact you to set the follow-up to this cancellation, according to the date of receipt.

If cancellation occurs 48 hours or more before departure:the booking amount is refunded, less the application fees which amounted to 50€.

There is no refund or discount:

  • In case of cancellation less than 48 hours before departure,
  • For any shorter hire, both duration and mileage included in the reservation,
  • If you do not show up to pick up the vehicle,
  • In case of delay in taking the vehicle.

Why do you ask me to do an inventory of the vehicle for the departure and return, with your agency?

The inventory of the vehicle is required to find the possible damage to the vehicle before and after your rental.

Can I travel abroad with my rental vehicle?

Yes, subject to acceptance by your agency. It is mandatory to inform the agency when picking up the vehicle.
The agency will make you sign an authorization to leave the country. This document is to be retained and kept throughout your journeys across borders in case of control by the security forces of that country.

What will happen if I return the vehicle late?

In all cases, you must notify the agency. Depending on the time of arrival, you will be required to pay penalties because your vehicle may have already been reserved by another client.

Can someone other than me pay my rent?

No, due to insurance issues, the credit card used when booking online must be in the name of the main driver and should be used for the payment in agency.

Should I clean the vehicle before returning it?

The vehicle must be returned in a clean condition due to normal use and in the current climate. The agency must be able to check if the body is damaged or not. Carpets and seats should not be covered with animal hair or mud, to beyond measure. Otherwise, a lump sum can be deducted from your deposit.

Why am I being asked for a security deposit?

The deposit is asked to the contract signing. The amount is equal to the deductible amount. It ensures the proper execution of obligations charged to the tenant (compliance with the prohibitions and obligations).
It will be returned at the end of the contract if no payment is due. With justification, the tenant expressly authorized the agency to deduct from the deposit the sums due.

What are the amounts of deductibles?

The deductibles depend on the type of vehicle and the CarGo rental agency selected. According to the agency, you can receive up to three different insurance packages. You can view the details and rates and insurance deductibles in step 4 of your reservation line corresponding to the choice of options.

What insurance options do I have?

According to the agencies and insurance companies, CarGo can offer three different insurance options for the vehicle (basic, premium, 100% tranquillity).

Vehicle insurance

  • Basic: Provides accidental damages (excluding upper and lower parts of the vehicle, excluding mirrors), fires, floods, disappearance or theft, breaking the windshield.
  • Premium : Includes basic insurance guarantees, partial reduction franchise, provides the upper and lower parts of the vehicle, tires, glass breakage.
  • 100% Tranquillity: Includes basic insurance guarantees, the total reduction franchise, provides the upper and lower parts, tires, glass breakage.

You can check prices of these different insurances in step 4 of your reservation line corresponding to the choice of options.

What will happen if I damage the vehicle?

It depends on the context of disaster: if you are responsible or not and whether an accident report was completed. In all cases, an inventory of the vehicle is made in your presence at the departure and return to see the damage. According to the assurance that you have chosen, you have to pay or not, the corresponding deductible to the vehicle or the actual costs for damages if they are not covered by this insurance.

What should I pay for damage?

Context / Insurance Not Responsible Responsible with accident report Responsible without accident report
Basic 0 € Deductible + amount of damage not covered Depending on the circumstances: Franchise or amount of compensation if they are less than this amount + damage not covered
Premium 0 € Reduced deductible + amount of damages not covered Reduced deductible or amount of compensation if they are less than this amount + damage not covered
100% Tranquillity 0 € 0 € 0 €

What will happen if my vehicle is stolen?

You must:

  • Notify your agency as soon as possible,
  • File a complaint with a police station,
  • Bring the car keys and your complaint to your CarGo agency

The corresponding duty will be due.

Who is insured?

Vehicle only, excluding upper and lower parts, if you have chosen the basic insurance.

What models of vehicles can I rent from CarGo?

Here are the different categories of cars and commercial vehicles that you can rent from CarGo with a single license B:

To travel around the city, rent a Small or an urban car, those economy cars will sneak around.
For your family travels, opt for renting a compact, a compact SUV or a family car, more comfortable for long trips.
Travelling in a group? Save money by renting a 7 seater SUV or a 9 seater van to share travel expenses.

CarGo offers a wide range of rental commercial vehicles vehicles to suit all your needs at discounted prices.
From 3 m3 to 23 m3 truck, with or without tailgate, the CarGo truck rental will facilitate your relocation or transportation of bulky furniture.
Some agencies propose rental trucks with tilt tray, ideal for transporting your building materials, or propose to hire auto transporters.

Can I have special equipment?

Yes, according to the rented vehicle and according to the agencies, several accessories are available as an option like child seat or snow tires. You can find the list of such equipment in step 4 of your booking, corresponding to the choice of options, or on the dedicated page of your agency in the box "Our accessories."

Can I get internet rates by booking directly in the agency?

No, these rates are exclusively for on-line rental

What is included in the rental rate?

The quote for renting a CarGo vehicle includes all charges related to reservation criteria. This estimate included the following:

  • VAT,
  • The mileage included in the formula and the number of rental days,
  • Collateral damage and vehicle theft coverage by insurance chosen.

Rates are guaranteed when the reservation is confirmed by the agency.

Rates exclude the fuel and any additional charges and additional options that are not mentioned in the booking confirmation. These costs and options must be paid in supplement by the customer directly to the CarGo agency.

What fees am I likely to pay in the agency?

Rental rates exclude any additional charges and additional options that are not mentioned in the booking confirmation. These costs and options will be paid in addition directly to your CarGo agency on departure (accessories and options) or return (fuel, damage, delay penalties, extra kilometres, car wash charges, accessories missing, fines or penalties).

Can I get discounts on the internet rates?

Yes, you can get promotional codes or vouchers and benefit from discounts on internet rates. To use them, you need to create a complete customer account on the website

How to get a promotional code?

Promotions are offered throughout the year for special occasions or to thank you for your loyalty. For example, at the end of your booking on the website, you can respond our satisfaction survey and get a promotional code.

You can also find coupon codes by following the "Deals" tab on the website or by subscribing to our free pages on various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. To use these codes, you need to create a complete customer account on the website

What is Cargo Night offer?

CarGo Night is an evening special offer. For rentals from 18:00 to 8:00, Monday to Friday morning, get 60% off the price of your utility vehicle, compared to 1-day rental.

What is Cargo Box offer?

CarGo Box is a special moving offer. For renting a removal van or other commercial vehicle and truck, CarGo offers as many cartons as volume rented van. This offer is only valid at participating locations. Example: 20 boxes free for a 20 m3 rental truck.

Can I have a removal kit or moving boxes without renting a car?

Yes, it is possible to rent a moving kit (heck, straps ...) or buy cartons in our agencies. Please contact your agency for rates.

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