Cars and trucks hire specialist for 25 years, CarGo offers a wide range of local services and tailored solutions to meet your most demanding needs.

Véhicules d'Occasions CarGo

CarGo - Services - Véhicules d'Occasions CarGo

CarGo c'est également la vente de véhicules d'occasions. Nous vous proposons également un large choix de véhicules d'occasions révisés, entretenus et garantie. 

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Cargo Night Offer

CarGo - Services - Cargo Night Offer

You want to move but your budget does not allow you to rent a truck? Avoid round trips with your own vehicle! Take advantage of the evenings to move and realize 60 % savings.

CarGo offers 60% discount on your truck rental from 18:00 to 8:00 the next day. It's easy, book your van on-line or contact your local agency and ask the CarGo Night offer!

CarGo Summer Offer

CarGo - Services - CarGo Summer Offer

You want to go on vacation with family or friends but renting a minibus seems expensive to you? Avoid leaving with several vehicles and go together!  CarGo offers you the rental of a minibus until September 30 at -30%. For that, nothing could be simpler, book online or contact your local agency and request the CarGo Summer offer!