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Pick Up 4x4 are powerful, rugged, loaded cargo vehicles that are one of a kind rental cars that will accompany you in all your daily tasks, even the most extreme!

Crossover is an ideal choice for your professional activity, for all heavy and demanding tasks, or for classical use, combining versatility, grip on all terrains, and ease of use.

By renting a Pick Up Mitsubishi L200 or Nissan Navara in one of the 400 Cargo Agencies in France, you choose a 4x4 that is recognized for its qualities and its great robustness. These SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) have proven themselves for many years, and these latest versions are condensed experience in 4x4. With a comfortable, luxurious double passenger compartment for passengers, as well as a large functional bucket, these great adventurers are comfortable on asphalt, on long journeys, or in town thanks to their maneuverability comparable to that of a large traditional sedan.

The all-wheel-drive 4-wheel drive of a all-terrain vehicle will provide you with increased safety when the road becomes a bit less passable. Equipped with an economical and powerful diesel engine, it will be the ideal companion of all your work and building sites.

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Renting a Pick Up online is simple and fast with CarGo! Select the vehicle category of your choice and let yourself be guided. In just a few clicks, confirm your car rental at the exclusive internet rate! You can also contact the nearest CarGo office.

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