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Do you want to go as a group to save money? Do you want to rent a 9-seater van to move with your band, sports team or association?

Rent a minibus with reduced rate! So that arrangements between friends become major economies, go as a group and share expenses: rent, tolls, fuel. Divide by 9, it is much more interesting!

Your car rental agency has selected a range of minibuses as the Renault Trafic lengthened to facilitate travel and group holidays. This 9-seater vehicle is truly spacious, both for passengers and luggage in the trunk. The sliding side door also assists your passengers to get on and off safely. This is the ultimate user-friendly vehicle!

Performance-wise, mini-vans have a good diesel engine. These versatile vehicles are also easy and fun to drive. The fuel consumption is also reasonable especially for your long journeys on motorways. In a nutshell, you can go on vacation with confidence and safety with a CarGo vehicle rental!

Book a minivan from CarGo

Rent a minivan on-line: it is easy and fast with CarGo! Select your category of vehicle and let us guide you. With a few clicks, book a 9 seats van with internet exclusive price! You can also contact your local CarGo agency.

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