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How to easily prepare my move?

June 13 2016

1. to move without struggle, I need a suitable vehicle. This is the priority because they are very much in demand this season. I reserve therefore sufficiently in advance to have the choice of the size:
  • not too small, because 15 round trips in the day, it's going to do!
  • neither too big, otherwise it will take a ton of newsprint to all stall!
Obviously, I do not have the habit of renting a truck every day, and the stress starts to rise! Don't panic, I rent not a single truck, I rent a truck at CarGo: practical and reliable ! And with 500 agencies in France, there is necessarily a close me ! It is gone, direction, and its Simulator online to estimate the size of the vehicle suitable for all my mess. Once found, there's more than just click to reserve it at the correct date!

2. to carry all my little Bazaar, I get cartons... but where to find? No galleys! For this also CarGo is here! And as I decided to organize myself, I the 'reserve' at the same time as my truck and I'll retrieve them several weeks before D-day. I do not forget to take enough: 30 at least, following my Bazaar... and with the scotch please! Story be trimmed ! I think the good buddies that I want to keep: I avoid boxes that weigh more than 25 pounds! (Unless some prepare a competition of weightlifting... What is rare, let's face it!)

3. Indeed, the guests! I need from arm strong and courageous spirits-day... I choose the most available among my friends, my family, my colleagues... To invite: I send my Ecards. There still CarGo has everything planned: cards cool to send by email, MMS or illustrate your Facebook private messages. With it, your invitation will pass unnoticed! D-day, not question to a looser: everything will already be in the cards! So obviously, I prepare not my move at the last moment (obviously)... I range my business a little, everyday... ;) And, and, and, I check that I have the keys to the new apartment ' for the day of the move... (It's so obvious!)

4. my "small" papers... The administrative part is painful but necessary. And CarGo still has a shot to give you! Not hide and seek with the Administration and the public Services... I indicate my new address: service of the alloc', social security & the mutual, taxes, my bank etc. And for my internet box, my electricity / gas, or even my insurance, CarGo advised me Souscritoo who moves for free all my contracts in a single phone call !