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Automotive professionals, optimize your existing activity by developing a complementary activity of car rental.

Created in 1994, the concepts Points CarGo and CarGo Agents cater to dealers, agents of trademark, coachbuilders, mechanics, garages...
These professionals rely on their structure to broaden their service offering the rental of vehicles in complementary activity.
Why develop this type of activity?

You want to:
  • Increase your margins
  • Monetize your structure
  • Satisfy and retain the most demanding customers
  • Overcome the cyclical decline in your activity
  • A solution for your replacement vehicles
The winning advantages of the concepts Points CarGo and CarGo Agents:
  • You will receive the full package of rental (Ensign, know-how, rates, PLV, leases...).
  • You get our vehicles, our funding and our insurance.
  • You join a network of more than 300 Points on the France.
  • You will receive training for rent in our subsidiary (possible support by the ANFA).
  • You stay independent and only master on board your company.
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