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Rent a 6m3 utility vehicle

4m3 to 6m3 truck rental Cargo
Do you want to rent a van for a small move? Do you want to transport household appliances or medium size furniture?

6m3 utility vehicle rental is made for you! CarGo advises its trucks like Renault Expert and Citroën Jumpy in order to travel with confidence in urban areas and on motorways. These small vans are simple to operate and can even be parked in an underground car park.

4 to 6m3 commercial vehicles have a surprising amount of storage. They allow you to move a room or a small studio flat for example. To help you unload more quickly, these vehicles generally have a third seat to greet your friends. Also equipped with a diesel engine, your small van will save you money on fuel. 6m3 truck rental will be a good choice for those wishing to transport bulky middleweight objects.

Book a moving van from CarGo

Commercial vehicles rental is fast and simple with CarGo! Select the truck category your choice and let us guide you. With a few clicks, book a furniture van with internet exclusive price! You can also contact your favourite CarGo agency.

Do you move a small apartment? Discover our 8 to 9m3 trucks for more storage space.

CarGo also offers a free tool to estimate the volume of your move on-line to rent an appropriate vehicle.