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Do you want to tow yourself a broken car? Do you want to carry a collection vehicle or motorcycle safely?

The CarGo agencies offer the car carrier rental at the best price. Our auto transporters for rent like Renault Maxity have 3 seats in the front and require a classic driving license. These trucks are easy to handle and ideal for travel on all types of roads and highways. Their diesel engines also allow you to save on your fuel consumption.

Car transporter rental is ideal for saving the expense of professional towing assistance costs. The retractable ramp will simplify loading and unloading of the vehicle.

Book a car carrier from CarGo

Renting an auto transporter is fast and simple with CarGo! Select the category of vehicle of your choice and let us guide you. With a few clicks, hire a car carrier with internet exclusive price! You can also contact your CarGo agency.

Do you want to transport the bulkier objects? CarGo offers a selection of 20 to 23m3 utilities with tailgate for your removals.

Discover our range of dump trucks for your projects and renovations.